Saturday, January 14, 2017

Bullying/Cyber Bullying

In my opinion, bullying should be unacceptable and not tolerated amywhere amd everywhere. In my experience, i have noticed that that is not how society looks at it. Bullying happens everywhere, such as; schools, (any level), work, on the streets, and other public places. I think it is ridiculous that some of these places I named allow it.

From my personal experience at school, work, and just walking down the streets, people are very cruel and get away with bullying very easily. For example, i was bullied all through middle school abd highschool. When i would report it to teachers and the principal, i would get responses back like, "just ignore it," "Don't listen to them," and sadly, "There's nothing we can do about it". So when it got to the point where i was told there is nothing they could do about it, my parents and I went to the school board/administrative team... still, nothing was being done or changed to prevent it or at least decrease it. After that, i went to the police several times, and was told, "they aren't physically harming you, so you'll just have to let it go!" And then these people i have went to for help, wonder why i keep being admitted to hospitals for depression, and still don't help change anything. So yea, because of the intense, nonstop bullying, i became depressed and at somepoints suicidal and/or a danger to myself.

I knew better then to fight back because i knew then somethinv would happeb, but to both the bully or bullies and me... sometime i regret not fighting back, just to at least get some sort of justice. But i did not want to be a bully myself, so didn't.

So just for the record, whenever i see, or if i do see bullying happening in the future, i willl damn straight, call you out on it and give you a peice of my mind, but not anything like bullies do. So little peice of advice, Do Not Bully People...

"Treat unto others the way you want to be treated"

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