Saturday, January 14, 2017

An Interview (Addiction and Mental Health)

What is your first name ? (Optional)


What city/state do you live in? (Optional)

Fond du lac Wisconsin

What is your diagnosis?
Depression, bipolar, anxiety, ptsd

How long have you had a mental illness or became aware of it?

I realized I had depression when I was 14 or so but the bipolar and anxiety came later around 20 or so and ptsd was diagnosed when I was 23 but I had been told I should have been treated for it long before.

Have you tried therapy? What kind? Was it helpful?

I have been on and off different medications and seen multiple therapists. Talking with someone has never worked for me because they make me feel like I self induce my problems. But I have found medications to control symptoms.

What are some coping skills you use when your symptoms are happening?

Deep breathing and counting has always helped me to relax. I also listen to music to ignore everyone. It helps me to center myself to a safe place in my head.

Do you have a support system? Family? Friends? Both?

Both. Not my whole family and not all of my friends but I do have people from groups that are always there for me to talk to when I need it.

Do you think your family understand your diagnosis/mental illness?

No i honestly Dont. My mom does have her own mental illnesses. But I Dont even feel she truly understands her own so how can she understand mine. And the rest of my family who does not have any mental illnesses, I Dont expect them to understand.

How has your mental illness/diagnosis affeted your life?

I've lost out on opportunities because I was too anxious to go through with them or too depressed to get out of bed. I've even lost friends because they unknowingly triggered my PTSD and scared me half to death.

Where do you see your self in 10 years?

Im hoping in 10 years Im hoping all of my symptoms can be controlled and that ill be able to function without my illnesses getting in the way at any point in time.

Do you have anymore questions for me?

Can you explain your diagnoses to me a bit better. I would like to know about it from someone who goes through it and not reading it from a book a Dr wrote.

What is your name? (Optional)


How old are you? (Optional)


What city/state do you live in? (Optional)

Fond du lac Wisconsin

What is your addiction?
My addiction is pain meds, adderall, cocaine, marijuana

How long have you battled addiction? 

Since I was 14

What led you to start your drug of choice?

It was actually my idea that I brought up to friends to try pain meds. And I got hooked.

How has your addiction affected your life?
I have lost friends because of my addiction. I have ruined many friendships and relationships. I have lost jobs and lost sight of who I am.

Do you have a positive support system? Family? Friends? Both?

Not really. They Dont seem to understand that addiction isn't a joke. They say they are happy when Im clean. But it seems fake. As far as friends go yes I have a huge support system there.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Completely clean and sober

What would your main advice be to people on edge of addiction or even other addicts?

Seek help. You can honestly turn almost anywhere and someone will be there to help you or point you in the direction you need to be in to get help. Even if you start with NA or AA meetings the program is wonderful and it will work if you let it.

Kristin asked me: When did you realize you hit rock bottom?
My response is: When i went tgree nights in a row blacking out from alcohol, waking up each of the following days kmowing how many people ive lost, and how i was ruinig my life!

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