Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Mental Health Interview with Sam



EUPD, PTSD, Recurrent depressive disorder

Since I was 11 years old (7 years)

I have tried psychotherapy and CBT and neither were very helpful for me as I didn’t trust the therapists.

My best coping strategy is to pretend like things are ok - people always say its unhealthy but a lot of the time I am so focused on looking like I am fine that I’m distracted from my real emotions and thoughts so it actually helps me sometimes. I also like to go out and put my headphones in with my music on full volume.

I have an absolutely amazing GP who supports me so much and who I am so grateful for and I have my best friend who has mental health problems too so she’s very supportive and we help each other in recovery.

They don’t but that’s because I don’t let them - I don’t tell them everything that’s going on and I protect them from the truth a lot so its hard for them. They are loving and brilliant parents but I would rather them not know everything.

I went from attending a private sixth form college five days a week, playing netball three times a week, playing rugby four times a week, volunteering, doing work experience, studying for university to suddenly having none of that - mental health ripped everything away from me and I was left in a psychiatric ward with nothing. Ever since then if I’ve even slightly been down people question if I need to go back to the ward. I feel like mental health has taken away my right to make judgements on my own life and put me in a cage where everyone else comes and stares at me to make decisions for me.

I see myself as a recovered mental health nurse who is working to end the horrid stigma around EUPD and I’ll hopefully be living on my own and living a full life free of the barriers my mental health currently places on me.

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