Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Life of Trauma and Mental Health

Jist so everyone knows.. this is not my story. This story belongs to an ammonymus friemd of mine.

When I was 3 years old I was sexually abused by my natural father. This carried on until the age of five when my mum kicked him out.  A Number of years later when I was 12 years old I was contact again with him. However he and his new wife also sexually abused with me at that Age too.

As a result of this I had a very turbulent teenage years as you might imagine drink drugs dodgy relationships etc

When I was 19 I got arrested for drinking and driving and sent to prison when I arrived at the prison I was diagnosed with having mental health issues and placed on a poor copers wing.

When I go onto that when I found out that I would be in a cell with a convicted child sex offender this didn't sit very well with me as you might imagine

I saw red I went to myself I grab my razor I split razor put the razor blades out of it and then went up behind the guy grabbed in and put the Razor to his throat.

The prison team intervened however the guy didn't know where they cut to his throat. I am not normally a violent person however as a result of this incident I was sent to a high security hospital where I stayed for 14 years and it is at that hospital and I engaged in my trauma focused work

I undertook DBT first so that I come down as a coping skills that I needed to build to deal with the heightened emotions which would undoubtedly result from the work. I was very lucky that I was in an NHS establishment which hand a lot of funding.

When I engaged in the trauma work I found it so difficult I went to the first session and I nearly ran however the therapeutic relationship I had with the therapist enabled me to face my fears.

Fast forward and I have almost finished my pathway now.

PTSD and borderline are my diagnoses too.

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